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Bell to Moreland - Station Precincts

25 Aug 2019

Station Precincts

The Victorian Government is removing the dangerous and congested level crossings at Bell Street, Reynard Street and Munro Street in Coburg, and Moreland Road in Brunswick.

The crossings will be removed by raising the rail line over the road. This design will create new open space, deliver upgrades to the Upfield Bike Path and improve east-west connections.

The project will also build new Coburg and Moreland stations. The existing heritage station buildings will be retained in their current position and integrated into the new station precincts.

Artist impression of Moreland Station.

New, modern stations

The new architecturally designed Coburg and Moreland stations pay respect to the heritage and locality of the area while delivering:

  • Upgraded, modern facilities.
  • Improved cycling facilities including a secure bike cage as well as undercover bicycle hoops.
  • Better walking and cycling paths linking to the new stations, trams and buses.
  • Lifts and stairs making getting around easier and more accessible for everyone.
  • Landscaped civic plazas featuring trees, gardens and more seating.


Prioritising safety and preventing anti-social behaviour, such as graffiti and vandalism, is a key consideration for the project. The new station precincts will deliver modern and safer facilities including CCTV around the stations and station car parks, improved lighting and a more open layout.


The new Coburg and Moreland stations will be fully compliant with the Disability Discrimination Act, and Disability Standards for Accessible Public Transport (DSAPT). This includes fully accessible entrances in to the station with access to platforms via lifts and stairs. Each platform will have 2 lifts and backup power supply in case of failure.

Repurposing the old Coburg Station

The existing Coburg Station building is heritage-listed and will be repurposed and preserved in its current position. Earlier this year, we sought feedback about how the community would like historic Coburg Station building used in the future.

Popular ideas included an arts space or museum to celebrate the area’s history, a café, community meeting rooms, library and cinema.

We are working with key stakeholders to confirm how the building will be reused, and a final decision will be informed by the community’s feedback.

Repurposing Moreland Station Building

The existing Moreland Station building is heritage-listed and will be preserved in its current position and repurposed as the Victoria Police’s Protective Services Officers (PSO) building.

Guiding urban design

The Level Crossing Removal Project (LXRP) has developed a series of principles to help guide urban design on the Bell to Moreland project:

  • Network of public spaces
  • Active transport connections
  • Celebrating heritage
  • Sustainability and innovation
  • Intermodal transport
  • Liveability and economic development.

In May and June 2019, we asked local people to prioritise these principles. You rated active transport connections as the most important, closely followed by network of open spaces.

In addition to community feedback and consultation with Moreland City Council, these principles will help shape the design of the new station precincts and open space.

The southern undercroft and entry to the new Coburg Station.

Urban Design Framework

Urban design on all LXRP projects is shaped by our Urban Design Framework. Find out more on our Urban Design Framework page.

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