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Bell to Moreland - Open Space

25 Aug 2019

The Victorian Government is removing the dangerous and congested level crossings at Bell Street, Reynard Street and Munro Street in Coburg, and Moreland Road in Brunswick.

The crossings will be removed by raising the rail line over the road. This design will create new open space, deliver upgrades to the Upfield Bike Path and improve east-west connections.

The project will also build new Coburg and Moreland stations. The existing heritage station buildings will be retained in their current position and integrated into the new station precincts.

Elevating the rail will create new opportunities to create areas such as dog parks and playgrounds along the corridor.

What you told us

Earlier this year, we sought community feedback on the new open space and areas around the stations. We want to create places that local people can take pride in and enjoy for generations to come.

From the conversations and feedback provided, the following key priorities emerged about the new open spaces:

  • walking and cycling
  • trees and vegetation
  • place making
  • public art
  • safety and maintenance

With so many great ideas from the community for what these new spaces could look like, some of the considerations in developing the design of these spaces include:

  • The narrow rail corridor and properties near the rail line.
  • Drainage basins required along the rail corridor to manage flooding.
  • How the facilities will be maintained.
  • Heritage considerations.

All the feedback we've received has been collated into a detailed report. View the report of the Open Space consultation report or request a copy by emailing

New open spaces

Walking and Cycling

With separate walking and cycling paths underneath the elevated structure, locals can enjoy a safer and more visually appealing thoroughfare whether you’re getting from A to B, or simply enjoying the new parkland between Coburg and Moreland stations.

Trees and vegetation

We will provide important green spaces, shade and there will be three times more trees and plants along the corridor than are currently there.

Place making

We’re creating a destination for leisure activities, as well as a place to escape the inner-city hustle and bustle. The new open space may include parks, playgrounds and areas for people to relax, making it a perfect spot for catch-ups with friends and family all year-round.

Public art

Brunswick and Coburg are rich in local artists and creativity, making the open space an ideal opportunity to install public artworks for everyone to enjoy.

Safety and maintenance

The new open space will have improved lighting and feature graffiti-resistant materials.

New community spaces will be created at Moreland Station.

Provide more feedback

In September 2019, we'll be seeking further feedback on the new open space. Find out more at Your Level Crossing.

More information

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