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We're removing 10 more level crossings by 2025, bringing the total to 85 level crossings gone for good.

Bell to Moreland community update – December 2020

14 Dec 2020

Coburg and Moreland stations open Monday 14 December

Train travelling over the new Bell Street rail bridge.

Final open space designs released for Bell to Moreland.

Construction on the rail line is now complete.

Thank you for your patience while we worked around the clock to remove four sets of boom gates and raise the rail line over Bell Street, Munro Street and Reynard Street in Coburg and Moreland Road in Brunswick.

Twin 2.5-kilometre elevated rail bridges now span these roads, removing traffic bottlenecks and improving safety.

During major construction, the project team installed 268 concrete L-beam bridge segments, 21,000 tonnes of ballast, 7000 concrete railway sleepers and more than ten kilometres of new rail at record pace.

This was the state’s biggest ever level crossing removal construction blitz and we know it came at a difficult time for everyone.

So to everyone in the Coburg and Brunswick communities, and all passengers on the Upfield line we say a big thank you. We hope you love the new rail bridge as much as we do!

The new Coburg and Moreland stations are set to open on Monday 14 December.

Lifts will be operational from day one.

Access to the stations will be from the Eastern side. Entrances on the Western side will open mid next year.

Station car parks will open early in 2021, with these areas in use over the coming weeks as the team continue landscaping works.

Bicycle parking at both stations, including the Parkiteer cages, will open in mid 2021.

Next year, we will build the new community open spaces, and plant thousands of trees, plants and shrubs, and around 130,000 grasses and seedlings.

The project will improve east–west connections and upgrade the Upfield Bike Path, including separated cycling and walking paths along the rail line, and more lighting.

Final open space designs

The Bell to Moreland design team has been working with key stakeholders to finalise elements of the open space areas underneath the rail line.

The final open space designs:

  • Respond to community feedback we’ve received over the past two years
  • Deliver integrated and connected spaces right along the corridor
  • Cater to a mix of ages and uses
  • Feature extensive vegetation and landscaping
  • Respectfully incorporates culturally significant Wurundjeri pieces

Check out the final open space designs out below.

To read more about these design features, visit our website.

Coburg Station west precinct looking north

The area to the west of Coburg Station will feature a playground with swings, a wooden fort, climbing web and a merry-go-round.

There will also be a half basketball court, park benches, native trees and shrubs and rubbish and recycling bins.

Coburg Station west precinct looking north. Features basketball half-court and playground areas. Artist impression. Mature trees shown.

Moreland Road looking south (east side)

South of Moreland Road will be home to an activity zone catering to a range of age groups and interests.

The two half basketball courts, which include futsal goals, line marking measurements and four-square courts, will have secure fencing.

A zebra crossing separates the two half basketball courts allowing for different groups to use the area at the same time.

A skating area, climbing frame and parkour area will feature under the rail bridge. There will be seating, two table tennis tables and a drinking fountain.

Moreland Road looking south, eastern side. Features basketball half-courts. Artist impression only. Mature trees shown.

South of Coburg Station view south west

Under the elevated rail near Coburg Station, fitness equipment and a bench will be surrounded by native trees and shrubs and accessed by either the walking or cycling path.

South of Coburg Station looking south west. Features basketball half-court and exercise area. Artist impression. Mature trees shown.

Moreland Road looking south (west side)

Under the rail bridge south of Moreland Road, there will be a skating area, climbing frame and parkour arena.

You will be able to relax with seating areas and easy access paths. Two fixed table tennis tables will be installed.

Moreland Road looking south, western side. Features basketball half-courts and skate areas. Artist impression only. Mature trees shown.

Reynard Street view (to Railway Place)

Looking from the corner of Reynard Street and Railway Place, this section of open space will contain exercise equipment, table tennis table, seating and the separated cycling and walking paths.

Reynard Street looking towards Railway Place. Features exercise equipment and seating. Artist impression. Mature trees shown.

All images are artist's impression only. Subject to change. Mature trees shown.

Coburg and Moreland stations opening

The original heritage listed station buildings have been incorporated into the new station building precincts, paying homage to the originals by reflecting key elements the local community love to see.

Coburg Station

The new premium station features a customer service office, accessible toilets, Protective Services Officers (PSO) pod and a climate controlled waiting area.

Work will continue around the station precinct over the coming months. The car park and Parkiteer cage will open in mid-2021.

Moreland Station

Work around the station precinct will continue over the coming months. The car park and Parkiteer cage will open in mid-2021.

Moreland Primary School art on site

Some excellent artwork from the students at Moreland Primary School is on display around the Bell to Moreland construction site.

After a suggestion from a local school student, the project was excited to be involved in an art collaboration. The students were creative over the school holidays, with their artwork themed around community gardens and the Australian landscape, their interpretation of the new open space that will be created under the rail bridge. An underlying theme of theirwork was ‘life during lockdown’.

Thank you to all the students who supplied the fantastic and colourful artwork.

Moreland Primary School artwork

Moreland Primary School artwork

Moreland Primary School artwork

Project timeline

  • Site investigations
  • Community consultation
  • Design refinement and further technical considerations
  • Victorian Government commitment to remove additional crossings on the Upfield line
  • Confirm design solution
  • Further community consultation
  • Early works
Early 2020
  • Relocate train power and signalling infrastructure
  • Site establishment
July 2020
  • Major construction
  • Boom gates gone
December 2020
  • Stations open
  • Open space complete
  • Project complete

*Timeline above subject to change

View the PDF version of this community update PDF, 1.0 MB.

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