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Aviation Road preliminary design options

01 Nov 2017

The dangerous and congested level crossing at Aviation Road is used by 7,000 drivers every day, providing local traffic with access to the freeway and shops. Once the level crossing is removed, Laverton can look forward to improved safety, less congestion and more reliable travel times.

The Level Crossing Removal Authority (LXRA) has been busy investigating different ways to remove the level crossing at Aviation Road. Based on initial technical advice, we have come up with three possible designs – a road bridge over the tracks and two options to lower the road under the tracks.

Your thoughts on the options are important to us. Community feedback along with further technical investigations will help us develop a preferred design.

Understanding the different options

Each site is unique – what works in one location might not suit another. Detailed planning and technical advice helps to identify what solutions would work and what wouldn’t at each level crossing removal location.

The most common ways to remove a crossing include:

  • lowering the rail line under the road
  • building a bridge over the road
  • lowering the road under the rail line
  • building a bridge over the rail.

Considering a range of site characteristics and constraints, including ground conditions, impacts to surrounding land use, traffic volumes, and disruption to road and rail users, we have come up with the best options that would work at Aviation Road.

Initial planning work led us to ruling out the options to raise or lower the rail line.

Based on our technical findings so far, we will further explore options to raise or lower the road, seeking community input, as well as continuing with engineering and technical studies as we work towards identifying a recommended option in early 2018.

Our proposed designs to raise or lower Aviation Road, follow a similar alignment and will close the current road crossing over the rail lines. Instead, Aviation Road will tie in with the existing roundabout along Railway Avenue, cross the rail line and join Maher Road on a new alignment approximately 500 metres long.

We can do most of the construction work with minimal disruption to the road and rail network.

Options under consideration

1) Road over rail design

This involves building a new bridge over the rail lines.

The bridge would start to rise at Triholm Avenue and Aviation Road roundabout, crossing over the Werribee Rail line to the east of the existing level crossing, and join Maher Road before Heffernan Street.

There would be a raised intersection with Maher Road to maintain connection to the RAAF base.

The bridge would be more than nine metres high and span 45 metres over the rail line.

Diagram of option 1: Road over. For more information, read text above.

Option 1: Road over

2) Road under rail design

This involves lowering Aviation Road under the rail lines. A new road will be constructed to pass underneath the existing rail lines east of the existing crossing along a similar route to the road over rail bridge.

Both options are approximately seven metres deep, with the majority of the new road in an open cutting, as seen in the diagrams.

Option A

Option A has Maher Road joining into the realigned Aviation Road with a ‘T’ Intersection.

Diagram of option 2(A): Road under with a T-intersection. For more information, read text above.

Option 2(A): Road under with T-intersection

Option B

Option B has a new ‘sunken’ roundabout to the north connecting Aviation Road with Maher Road.

Diagram of option 2(B): Road under with a roundabout. For more information, read text above.

Option 2(B): Road under with roundabout

Pedestrian and cycle access

At Aviation Road we will be providing a new pedestrian and cyclist access across the rail lines and into the existing station. This can be constructed via an underpass or an overpass.

The design will need to be accessible, safe and well lit.

We are seeking community input about whether an underpass or overpass would suit this location better.

Options ruled out

Technical studies of the site showed that lowering or raising the rail to remove the level crossing would take significantly longer and cause greater disruption to the Laverton community and train commuters. These solutions would also disrupt the major freight line between Melbourne and Perth.

Rail options were considered, but were ruled out early because of:

  • significant impact to pipes and cabling under the rail line
  • long shut downs of the metro and regional rail lines
  • significant disruption and closures to local roads
  • major disruption to the national freight line from Melbourne to Perth
  • a substantial amount of rock would need to be excavated for a rail trench
  • high ground water levels require an extensive pump system.

Join the conversation

We want to understand how each design option will benefit or impact the local area. To do this we need the local community and people travelling through the area to share with us what is important to them.

What do you think about the design options being considered for Aviation Road? Join us online to learn more and share your thoughts.


To have your say head to Your Level Crossings.

Feedback closes on Sunday 17 December 2017.

Project benefits

The Aviation Road Level Crossing Removal Project will deliver significant benefits to those who live and travel in Laverton:

  • Improved safety

    Crossing the tracks will be much safer for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers.
  • Improved travel time

    No more waiting at the boom gates for the 7000 drivers that travel through Aviation Road every weekday.
  • Better connected communities

    Creating walking and cycling paths, and improved access.
  • Boosting the economy

    Creating hundreds of jobs during construction and improving opportunities for local traders.

Project timeline



  • Identification of design options
  • Community consultation on design options


  • Assessment of design options
  • Recommended design announced
  • Further community engagement

Late 2018

  • Proposed start date for early works


  • Proposed removal of Aviation Road level crossing

View the PDF print version of the Aviation Road Preliminary Design Options PDF, 1.7 MB

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