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Aviation Road - Community summary

01 Jan 2017

Project overview

The Victorian Government is removing the level crossing at Aviation Road in Laverton to improve safety, ease congestion and make it easier for people to move around.

Three options to remove the level crossing were presented to the community in late 2017. They were:

  • a road over the rail lines
  • lowering the road under the rail lines with a new roundabout connection
  • lowering the road under the rail lines with a new T-intersection.

Community engagement snapshot

From November to December 2017, we asked the community what they thought of these options in a variety of ways including:

  • 4 emails to more than 1,900 subscribers
  • 2 community drop-in sessions
  • The return of 74 feedback forms
  • Speaking to more than 180 people
  • Mail out to 5,500 properties
  • 1,800 visits to the online engagement hub

What we heard

The feedback we’ve received says the community strongly supports the project and is

keen for us to get on with removing the crossing.

We heard that the most important elements to consider are:

  • Improving the way traffic moves around the area
  • Creating safer spaces for people
  • The appearance of the design
  • Making it easier for pedestrians and cyclists to get around

Community feedback

We’ve summarised the feedback received into the following areas:

Access to the station

We heard that the community needs a safe and well-lit entry and exit to Aircraft Station. Ease of access is important for us to consider, with some people raising issues with the lift access at Laverton Station.

Transport connections

A key theme from the feedback was the need for improved transport connections. The majority of people said they use a car or walk to the train station.

We heard that people would be more likely to choose other transport options if shared user paths, improved footpaths and more cycling facilities were available.


Car parking near Aircraft Station is a major source of frustration for locals. While this is not included in the project plans, we recognise how important it is to the community and we will investigate options to improve parking in the area.

Appearance of the design

The project is seen as an opportunity to improve the look and feel of the area. There were some concerns about how building a road over the rail lines might look and its potential to divide

the community. Your feedback has highlighted that it is important for the design to fit in with the local area.

Noise and flooding

There are some concerns about potential flooding if we lower the road under the rail, and noise levels

if we build the road over the rail line.

Getting on with the job

Overwhelmingly, people want us to get on with the job of removing the level crossing. People said they want a practical solution that improves safety and makes it easier to move around.

Project timeline



Identification of design options

Community consultation on design options

Early 2018

Assessment of design options

Design solution announced

Further community engagement

Late 2018

Proposed start date for early works


Proposed removal of Aviation Road level crossing

Next steps

We’re taking your feedback on board to make sure the design improves safety, and helps the community get around more easily. Measures to address issues such as noise, flooding and the appearance of the design will be considered.

There are also some more technical investigations to be done and then the design will be announced in the next month. There will be a number of parts of the project that will need further community input. Look out for additional opportunities to be involved.

Stay up-to-date on the project by visiting the Aviation Road page

You can also contact us by email at or phone on 1800 105 105.

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