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Who’s who of Hughesdale come out to party

24 Feb 2018

On Saturday 17 February Hughesdale’s Poath Road came to life for the first Family Fun Day.

Kids and adults alike were tickled pink by roving entertainment – including two enormous stilt-walking gnomes – balloon art and a one-man-band. Blues band ‘the Jackson Four’ meanwhile had crowds up and dancing on the main stage.

Local dad Sam, visiting with daughter Aditi, said he normally shopped around Poath Road.

“This area is so friendly,” he said. “We moved here from Adelaide about a year ago and I looked around a lot of areas, and this one stood out for being safe and family friendly.”

It is a sentiment echoed by small business owner Lisa Ryan, who runs Solutions for Hair on Poath Road.

“The local community are amazing – everyone knows everyone and they believe in locals supporting locals,” she said.

“It really is like a small town on the outskirts of the city.”

Kick-started by local traders, the street party, attended by hundreds of people, is expected to become an annual event.

It was also a chance for local eateries to showcase their wares, with many setting up food stalls along the street.

Restaurant owner Mousa Khayat, went one step further and invited people through to his kitchen for a behind the scenes look at the making of a specialty desert known as ‘Knafeh’.

Mousa’s Nabul-style Knafeh – the namesake of his restaurant and possibly the most from authentic version you’ll find in Australia – is made using a gigantic 180-cm rotating hot plate.

His wife Saida and three children aged 21, 18 and 14 are all looking to carry on knafeh-making as a family tradition.

“This is definitely a family business,” he says. “The skill will be passed on.”

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