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Welcoming back the Moreland signal hut

25 Mar 2021

Locals may have noticed a familiar sight return to the Moreland Station precinct recently as the heritage signal hut was craned back into place.

Moreland’s signal hut is believed to have been built in 1889 and formed part of the signalling infrastructure for the Upfield line. Signal boxes were used to manage train access to sidings at locations along the track that connected local businesses with the rail network.

It's one of a number of items that are being preserved and restored as part of the Bell to Moreland project, including the heritage stations and some signals.

The signal hut will soon enjoy some restorative work to bring it back to the best condition possible, as it takes its place as a heritage feature of the new Moreland Station area.

It will receive a new paint job, new gutters and down pipes, restoration of its windows and doors, replacement of any deteriorated weatherboards and reinstatement of the original mechanical levers.

Of course, the Moreland Station signal hut has no functional use any more as the train signalling is all above ground on the rail viaducts now, but it is nice to look at!

Construction workers looking on at signal hut at Moreland Station

Another local who returned recently was the third palm tree at Moreland Station.

Palm tree being returned to Moreland Station

The three Canary Island Date Palms are believed to be approximately 100 years old and were all moved offsite in February last year, safely out of the way of construction activities, until the time was right to bring them back.

All trees have been well looked after under the regular care of a specialist palm tree arborist at a Greenvale nursery. The third, and most recent palm tree to return was the biggest, weighing in at 16 tonnes, which required lifting into position by a 100-tonne crane.

But the care doesn’t end there. Each palm tree will continue to be monitored and looked after by the arborist for the next two years, to ensure their successful establishment and integration into the landscaping at Moreland Station precinct.

See more photos below.

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