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Up, up and over Werribee Street

05 Nov 2020

The Werribee Street Level Crossing Removal Project has reached new heights, with six large concrete bridge beams recently lifted into place over the road to form the new rail bridge over Werribee Street.

The concrete beams that now span the road were cast locally in Kilmore, with their journey to the Werribee Street site carefully coordinated ahead of their installation.

Due to their size, the beams were transported and delivered overnight to minimise disruption to the local community.

The bridge beams delivered to the Werribee Street site were fitted with a GPS so they could be easily tracked by engineers ahead of their arrival.

Each beam weighs up to 130 tonnes and will support trains as they go up and over Werribee Street once the level crossing is removed.

Once all of the beams are lifted into place, they’ll be stitched together in the middle to create the U-trough, which trains will travel on.

We’ll continue to work around the clock to finish installing the remaining 54 beams and complete works on the retaining walls at each end of the new kilometre-long rail bridge.

The Werribee Street level crossing is set for removal in 2022, improving travel for the 20,000 vehicles that travel through this crossing daily.

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