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Turnback for trains near Anstey Station

23 Jul 2020

With major construction about to get underway to remove four level crossings on the Upfield line, we’ve come up with a way to keep passengers on trains during the three-month construction blitz.

While buses will replace trains on sections of the Upfield line from 8.30pm on Monday 27 July to Sunday 15 November, we’re building a new turnback for trains near Anstey Station, which will limit the disruption for most passengers on the line.

The turnback will mean trains can continue to run between Anstey and the City, meaning around 60 per cent of passengers on the Upfield line can continue to catch trains while we work.

A crew of more than one thousand will work around the clock in Brunswick and Coburg to get the job done.

How does a turnback work?

A turnback is a section of track where the train driver can stop, swap ends of the train and ‘turn back’ the way they came.

Watch our animation below of the train turnback in action.

Once built, commuters will be able to travel between Flinders Street and Anstey Station while work to remove the level crossings and build new stations continues.

The turnback will take one week to install and one week to remove. It includes overhead wiring and signalling.

Alternative transport

Buses will replace trains on the entire length of the Upfield line while we install the turnback. Once it’s in place, trains will run between Anstey and the city, with bus replacement services operating for passengers travelling to stations north of Anstey.

Passengers needing to connect with these bus services should disembark the train at Brunswick. There will be plenty of signage and customer service staff to help everyone get where they need to go. For journey planning during the works, visit the PTV website.

We hope this Anstey turnback will make the journey smoother and more convenient for people travelling on the Upfield line, keeping passengers on trains where possible throughout the disruption.

Coburg crossover

We’ll remove the turnback at Anstey towards the end of our construction blitz, and put in a permanent crossover just north of the new Coburg Station.

This crossover will allow trains to turn back as well as ‘cross over’ to another line from either direction in the future.

We’d like to thank everyone for their patience while we complete these works.

These four level crossings will be gone in late 2020, with new stations opening at Coburg and Moreland soon after, and new open space ready for locals to enjoy in 2021.

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