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We're removing 10 more level crossings by 2025, bringing the total to 85 level crossings gone for good.

Talbot Crescent reopening

01 Jul 2020

Talbot Crescent has reopened at the intersection of Toorak Road, with improvements making it safer and easier for people to turn right onto the Monash Freeway.

The intersection was closed for the Toorak Road level crossing removal works which included moving it west of the new rail bridge, aligning it with the new pedestrian crossing across Toorak Road.

To keep traffic flowing on Toorak Road, the pedestrian lights are synchronised with the Monash Freeway intersection and cyclists are able to cross without dismounting.

Landscaping works will continue along Talbot Crescent and throughout Tooronga Park to prepare for planting in spring. Updated landscaping plans for the project boosted the number of trees, shrubs and grasses from 23,000 to 37,000.

Play and exercise equipment, seating in Tooronga Park and the shared path connecting it to Toorak Road is now open. Tooronga Park is on track to fully reopen by the end of July.

The landscaping and open space plan was shaped by the local community who provided feedback about the project over the past 12 months.

Play equipment and seating in Tooronga Park

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