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Taking safety seriously

31 Aug 2018

The Level Crossing Removal Authority’s emphasis on safety paid off this week after the call was made not to go onto a worksite.

The site crew, who were set to start preparing an empty lot next to the Seacombe Building in Carrum, saw the cracks in the wall of the two-story building. Shortly after, part of the wall started to collapse.

Before the collapse, the Kingston City Council advised residents that they should vacate the building until an inspection could take place.

Luckily the resident of the apartment affected by the collapse was staying with a friend and was not at risk. No one was injured, and we are working closely with those affected.

The empty lot next to the Seacombe Building has been fenced off, and LXRA workers have been directing pedestrian traffic away from the site. We’re advising people to stay clear of the building until further notice.

The Level Crossing Removal Authority recently took possession of the vacant site, Seacombe Building, and other properties in the area.

As part of the $50 million revitalisation of Carrum village, this area will be transformed into an open community space.

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