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Steel bridge growing in Reservoir

15 Oct 2019

The Reservoir project team have been busy installing the steel bridge sections across the High Street intersection over the past month. These steel beams are used over High Street due to the size of the complex intersection.

Last week the team installed the final section of the western bridge (for Mernda bound trains) and will be installing the remaining steel sections for the eastern bridge throughout October.

Steel bridge facts and figures:

  • the steel sections are from Tasmania and made of Australian steel
  • each span is between 25 to 51 metres in length
  • to lift the steel sections in place, two 250 tonne cranes are used to transfer the span from the truck into its final location
  • approximately 408 structural bolts are used to join the sections

See our image gallery below for pictures of the western bridge and construction progress at Reservoir.

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