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Special delivery for the Upfield line

17 Jun 2020

Keen-eyed locals and trainspotters may notice a different type of train headed along the Upfield line this weekend as railway track bound for the Bell to Moreland Level Crossing Removal Project is delivered to site.

Known as rail ‘strings’, the new pieces of rail will be brought in on a 210-metre long diesel train and must be delivered overnight, so the deliveries do not disrupt the regular service of trains along the line.

Work is currently underway to remove the level crossings at Bell StreetMunro Street and Reynard Street in Coburg, and Moreland Road in Brunswick by raising the rail line over the road.

Although the new the new rail bridge will be approximately 2.5km long, the project will need around 10 kilometres of rail strings to complete the trackwork.

By the time these rail strings reach Coburg, they will have travelled more than one thousand kilometres after being manufactured in Whyalla, South Australia and transported in 27 metre lengths to a depot in Spotswood, Victoria.

At Spotswood, the sections of rail are welded together into 165 metre rail strings and then delivered to site using a freight train on the passenger rail network.

These sections will be stored on site in Coburg until the elevated rail structure is ready for rail to be placed on the viaducts later this year.

View the image gallery below to see the delivery process.

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