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We're removing 10 more level crossings by 2025, bringing the total to 85 level crossings gone for good.

Retaining more trees in Mont Albert and Surrey Hills

15 Dec 2021

We know how important trees are to the local community and we’re working hard to minimise tree removal across the project.

In September, we released information in our works notice explaining what vegetation would need to be removed, retained or subject to further investigation across the project.

As that information showed, careful design and planning has confined most of the vegetation removal to the areas immediately adjacent the train tracks where the new rail trench will be constructed, and more than 80% of the trees in the broader project area will be retained.

With further refinement of the designs and construction methods used across the project, we are now able to confirm that more trees that are highly valued by the community will be retained.

Churchill Street

In Churchill Street, we have refined the design for a critical maintenance access point and can now confirm that 6 of 9 trees that reportedly serve as a memorial to some local residents will be retained.

Independent heritage advice has found that reports that the 9 trees were planted in 1965 are incorrect and there is no basis for affording the trees heritage protection.

The hi-rail access pad is a critical piece of infrastructure that is needed to provide access for maintenance vehicles and machinery to enter the new rail trench and keep rail services operating safely.

Local residents recently held an inaugural Remembrance Day event in this location, and our updated design means residents can continue holding such events in the future.

Robinson Road and Kingston Road

We have also modified the construction method for a sewer upgrade that was previously expected to impact a large tree on the corner of Robinson Road and Kingston Road in Surrey Hills.

The old sewer runs within the root zone of the tree and excavation to replace the sewer was expected to result in impacts to the tree’s roots.

We will now adopt a method known as pipe cracking, whereby a new sewer pipe is pushed into the existing sewer pipe, so that excavation within the root zone of the tree will not be required.

We will continue to look for more ways to retain trees as we continue to refine our designs and construction methods, and many trees remain subject to further investigation.

At the conclusion of the project, we’ll install extensive new landscaping, with 52,000 new trees, shrubs and plants, and every tree removed will be replaced by at least 2 new trees in the local area.

Location map – Churchill Street

Mont Albert Trees MapA previous and illustrative version of this map contained a labelling error, which is rectified in the diagram above.

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