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Recycled glass sand debuts on level crossing removal project

08 Feb 2019

The Kororoit Creek Road Level Crossing Removal Project is the first Metro Trains Melbourne project in Victoria with an innovative application of recycled glass sand.

Procured from a recycled materials supplier, recycled glass sand has been used as bedding fill for combined service routes on the project, as well as backfill for drainage piping.

Recycled glass sand is manufactured from inert recycled glass recovered from the glass recycling process. Reusing this material reduces the amount of waste being sent to landfill and preserves our existing sand deposits. It also conserves energy that would otherwise be used to extract sand.

The cost of recycled glass sand in this case was about half the price of virgin material, due to shorter transport distances. It is also safer to handle as it presents a lower respiratory hazard than traditional sand.

Sunset over Kororoit Creek Road

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