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Public art for the Melton Highway project!

02 Mar 2018

We’ve announced an Expression of Interest (EOI) process for a public artwork to be installed under a new road bridge in Sydenham, as part of the Melton Highway level crossing removal project.

The commissioned artwork will be installed in the under-croft space beneath the eastern side of the new Melton Highway road bridge, which was designed to remove the former level crossing.

LXRA wants to support local communities around Melbourne to be prosperous, safe and vibrant – great places to be. Commissioning public art is a key part of this legacy.

The Melton Highway EOI process is suitable for emerging, mid-career and established artists across a broad spectrum of artistic practices who can enrich the public domain and compliment the new public infrastructure and urban renewal created by the level crossing removal project.

The first stage of the EOI process is open until 7 April 2018. Shortlisted artists will be announced on 13 April and Stage Two of the EOI process will run until 11 May. The commissioned work will be announced on 25 May, with all works intended to be completed by July 2018.

Please note that these dates have changed.

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