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We're removing 10 more level crossings by 2025, bringing the total to 85 level crossings gone for good.

Protecting a special resident at Hallam

15 Dec 2021

We’re removing the dangerous and congested level crossing on Hallam Road and building a new rail bridge and modern station. As part of our works, we’re committed to protecting the Dwarf Galaxias, an endangered fish species that lives just 200m from Hallam Station.

Only 5cm in length, the Dwarf Galaxias thrives in low-lying, shallow wetlands – which makes the wetlands and surround drainage channel network around Hallam Station a perfect place for the fish to live.

In this type of habitat, the Dwarf Galaxias has learnt to air-breath. This way of breathing has evolved as the fish has developed a survival mechanism, when learning to adapt to its shallow habitat. This unique ability enables it to survive out of water for up to a week, by breathing air and finding refuge in wet vegetation.

Why is it important to protect the Dwarf Galaxias fish?

A number of sub-populations of Dwarf Galaxias fish have become extinct in recent years in other areas of Melbourne, including creeks in Wantirna South and Langwarrin, and parts of regional Victoria.

With the Dwarf Galaxias now recognised as an endangered species, our team is working hard to protect the habitat of this special Hallam resident and leave a sustainable legacy for the whole community.

How are we protecting the Dwarf Galaxias fish?

Our dedicated environmental and sustainability team regularly monitor the water quality and fish numbers to ensure the fish species continue to thrive while construction is underway. To protect the area, we have also established ‘no-go-zones’ using recycled coconut husks as exclusion fencing to prevent sediment-laden water seeping into the fish habitat.

Environment testing in the swamp near the Hallam Road level crossing.

Testing the water quality of the Dwarf Galaxias’ habitat.

What can you do to help protect its habitat?

Help create a clean environment for the Dwarf Galaxias fish to thrive by putting all your litter in the bin.

Obey the signs and exclusion fencing that protects the Dwarf Galaxias fish while our project team completes works to remove the level crossing and build a new Hallam Station.

Watch our video below for more information on protecting our special resident in Hallam, the Dwarf Galaxias.

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