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Preston open space feedback – what we heard

22 Jun 2020

Recently, we asked the Preston community how they’d like their new open spaces to be developed as part of the Preston Level Crossing Removal Project.

What we heard

We had more than 5000 online views and around 500 comments made on our online interactive map. An additional 158 surveys were completed.

From these, we were able to identify clear themes and ideas for open space:

  • Parks, gardens and seating
  • Walking and cycling
  • Sports and recreation
  • Playgrounds
  • Arts and culture

Parks, gardens and seating

You told us that you’d like open spaces to be greener to improve visual amenity. The feedback suggested that creating parks, gardens and shaded areas would be welcomed to provide spaces to share with friends and family.

Walking and cycling

Many people want to see a walking and cycling path created along the entire length of the project. You told us that these spaces should prioritise the safety of its users.

Sports and recreation

We heard that multipurpose exercise and sporting areas are important for the local community. Feedback highlighted the importance of safety, and the desire for the community to be active with their new open spaces.


Playgrounds and natural areas for children and families to enjoy was a popular idea. You want playgrounds and equipment to be made from natural materials and these areas to blend in with the environment.

Art and culture

You told us that you want to celebrate diversity of the Preston community, whilst improving visual amenity. Ideas suggested that murals, artwork and historical pieces should be worked into the design. Acknowledging Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander presence in the local community was a key suggestion.

Read the full open space consultation report here.

Next steps

The project team will use this feedback to refine the final designs. It will also form the basis for discussions for the Preston Open Space Advisory Panel (POSAP) to create the best outcomes for the community.

We look forward to sharing new Bell and Preston station designs in the coming months, which will be followed by elevated rail and open space designs later in the year.

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An example of open space from our CTD project.

An example of open space in the Caulfield to Dandenong Level Crossing Removal Project.

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