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Piles of work at Toorak Road

26 Nov 2019

Motorists who regularly use Toorak Road in Kooyong will have noticed a recent change in the skyline as piling rigs and cranes have moved onto the site of the level crossing removal project.

These piling rigs and cranes signal the next phase of the project, with works on the rail bridge foundations now well underway.

These deep concrete foundations, known as piles, support the rail bridge structure.

Toorak Road will see 34 piles bored using a piling rig, which is a specialist piece of equipment with a high mast that enables it to dig deep into the ground.

Piles at Toorak Road will be up to 20 metres deep and 2.1 metres in diameter, with the locations of the piles assisted by geotechnical investigations conducted in late 2018 and early 2019.

Once the pile has been bored, cranes lift a steel cylindrical ‘cage’ into place to reinforce the pile, with each piling cage weighing between nine and 12.5 tonnes. The hole is then reinforced with steel and concrete.

This process creates secure foundations and ensures safety and stability of the rail bridge for road users and passengers.

See the gallery below to watch how piling unfolds.

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