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Piles of progress on the Frankston line

20 Apr 2021

April marked the completion of 75 per cent of sheet piling along the Frankston line in preparation for level crossing removal works across Edithvale, Chelsea and Bonbeach.

So far, almost 3400 sheet piles have been installed to form the retaining walls for the new rail trenches when digging commences during major construction works later this year.

The combined length of sheet piles used reaches almost 40 kilometres, with some being driven as deep as 19 metres into the ground.

Continuous flight auger (CFA) piling for the Thames Promenade road bridge abutment in Chelsea has also wrapped up.

Over 1000 further sheet piles are due to be installed during the major occupation of the Frankston line in mid 2021, along with additional CFA piles for the new road bridge connections over the rail trenches.

This is all part of works to remove five dangerous and congested level crossings and open three new stations at Edithvale, Chelsea & Bonbeach by late-2021.

Sheet piles at Bonbeach

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