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Palm trees return and student artwork installed at Moreland Station

08 Dec 2020

Locals may have noticed the return of Moreland Station’s beloved palm trees recently, after the trees took a ‘holiday’ at a specialist nursery in Greenvale back in February.

The trees were temporarily moved so work could take place this year to remove four level crossings from the Upfield line.

Two new stations are under construction at Moreland and Coburg and will open on Monday 14 December.

These palm trees will be a feature of the Moreland Station landscaping, set to be completed mid-next year, along with the planting of thousands of trees, shrubs and seedlings in the newly created open space under the rail line.

This open space will feature playgrounds, a dog park, exercise equipment, and BBQs. The project will also upgrade the Upfield Bike Path at the same time.

Palm trees in front of the Moreland Station building.

Moreland Primary School artwork

On display around the Moreland Station precinct is artwork from local students at Moreland Primary School.

The idea came from a student who wanted to contribute colourful art to the project.

Students were asked to create art featuring community gardens and the Australian landscape, as well as their interpretation of the new open space being created under the rail line. An underlying theme was also ‘life during lockdown’.

Thank you to Moreland Primary School and all the students who provided such fantastic pieces.

Three of the many art works on display along the road at Moreland Station.

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