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Palm tree on holiday

14 Mar 2019

Carrum Station’s iconic palm tree is headed on holiday.

Today an arborist directed the removal of the date palm from the station grounds and its transportation to an open-air park in Keysborough.

The process took two days with the palm receiving a good prune before a spade digger scooped its roots into a ball ready for moving.

The palm is being moved so work to build a temporary track through the Carrum Station car park can begin. This track will minimise disruption to commuters while we remove the level crossings and build a new station.

Don’t worry, the palm will return in 2020 to meet 500 new tree friends, and 80,000 other plants, shrubs and grasses as part of the $50 million revitalisation of Carrum Village.

The Level Crossing Removal Project has temporarily relocated heaps of palm trees. Along the Frankston line over 50 trees at Bentleigh, Ormond and McKinnon went on holiday to return happier and healthier.

Palm tree on a truck ready to be relocated

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