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We're removing 10 more level crossings by 2025, bringing the total to 85 level crossings gone for good.

New training and jobs partnership with Chisholm Institute

16 Feb 2016

It was announced today that a new training and jobs partnership with Chisholm Institute – the New Employment Exchange and Training (NEXT) centre – would be established as part of the Level Crossing Removal Project.

The project will create 2000 new jobs, with at least 200 being apprentices or graduate engineers. The new NEXT centre will include a dedicated classroom and training space, a rail training centre, and opportunities for accelerated learning and on-the-job training on this massive project.

Importantly, it will give opportunities to re-skill people from industries in decline such as the as retrenched automotive workers, as well as students from diverse and disadvantaged backgrounds, including Indigenous Victorians.

The program will also provide Year 10, 11 and 12 students from local schools and pre-apprentices with access to construction-based work projects, as well as supervised work experience opportunities.

The innovative and modern design will be constructed using pre-fabricated beams, pieced together over the busy rail line as it continues to run. It was also announced that two different construction types will be used along the corridor to further minimise disruption on local communities.

Building it in this way means the rail line and local roads can stay open, saving millions of passenger trips and chaos on our local roads.

It coincides with the announcement of the removal of 9 level crossings between Caulfield and Dandenong, which is expected to begin construction later this year.

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