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We're removing 10 more level crossings by 2025, bringing the total to 85 level crossings gone for good.

New car parking spaces confirmed for Werribee commuters

07 Jan 2020

Commuters driving to Werribee Station will soon benefit from more parking options as part of a network-wide works program that will provide better access to public transport.

As part of the Victorian Government’s $150 million Car Parks for Commuters Fund, 130 new and upgraded car parking spaces near Werribee Station have been announced.

Currently, about 4500 people use Werribee Station on average each weekday, with about 650 car parking spaces available across two formal station car parks.

However, these spaces are often full by 7.30am on weekdays, forcing people to park in local streets or try their luck at another station further up the line.

An informal car park will be transformed to accommodate the 130 new, formal car parking spaces, including improved safety with better lighting and CCTV, following level crossing removal works in the area.

Informal car parking areas often cause a chaotic free-for-all approach, where the number of available spaces varies and illegally parked cars can block others in.

Work on the new car parking spaces will be completed by the Level Crossing Removal Project and timed to follow level crossing removal works in the area, which are set for completion by the end of 2022.

Early preparation will commence in January to construct the new road bridge between Tarneit Road and the Princes Highway and remove the dangerous and congested level crossing in Cherry Street.

The Car Parks for Commuters Fund will see more than 11,000 new or upgraded spaces progressively rolled out near metropolitan and regional train stations across the state.

This investment in marked, formal car parks will mean more opportunities for commuters dealing with the daily parking scramble, while also complementing other station facilities – such as Parkiteer cages or bike hoops for cyclists at stations – that encourage people to weave public transport into their daily commute.

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Cherry Street level crossing

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