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We're removing 10 more level crossings by 2025, bringing the total to 85 level crossings gone for good.


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More community space at Cheltenham and Mentone

19 Jul 2019

We’re creating new community open spaces at Cheltenham and Mentone stations by extending the station decks over the rail trench.

The project is working in partnership with Kingston City Council, who have pledged $2.9 million to the initiative which includes extra parking spaces in Cheltenham too. By extending the station decking, we can build new, modern open spaces for local communities to enjoy.

The upgraded stations and new open spaces will be delivered as part of the Cheltenham and Mentone Level Crossing Removal Projects, which will see three dangerous and congested level crossings removed on the Frankston line.


At Cheltenham, we’ve partnered with Council to fund the 15-metre extension of the deck, which will create a line of sight from Charman Road to Cheltenham Park across the station precinct. The new design will also better integrate with Council’s plans for the area. The planned multi-storey parking building will also be made bigger, with Council’s contribution funding an additional 36 extra retail car spaces next to the new station.

Cheltenham deck extension design


At Mentone, we’ve partnered with Council to fund the extension of the ‘heritage deck’ all the way to Balcombe Road. The design will create an additional 40 metres of deck, a big new open space for the community. The space will integrate with the new station, Mentone shopping precinct and the bus interchange.

The five heritage-listed trees in the Mentone station gardens will be protected in their current location during construction and a major landscaping program will create a ‘garden bridge’ connected to the ‘heritage deck’ across the rail trench near Balcombe Road.

With the new station moving 150 metres south, Mentone's current heritage-listed station will be incorporated into the final design. The buildings will be relocated and refurbished during the construction before being returned to their current locations as part of the new gardens.

Mentone deck extension design

We want to hear from you

We’ll soon be seeking ideas from the community on what they want to see in these new open spaces around the upgraded stations. More information will be available closer to the time.

Major works on the Cheltenham and Mentone level crossing removals are commencing this year, with all three level crossings gone by late-2020. Read more about the Cheltenham and Mentone projects.

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