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Mernda rail: reduce, reuse, recycle

07 Mar 2018

Rock crushing machine

The Mernda project team has come up with some innovative ways to re-use material and reduce the number of trucks on local roads while building the 8 kilometres of rail from South Morang to Mernda.

Over the past few months, the team has excavated around 80 thousand tonnes of basalt rock from underneath South Morang Station and McDonalds Road. This was crushed on site, using a rock crushing machine (pictured above).

Using this method on site meant that:

  • trucks could use the rail corridor to travel between the cut and the rock crusher via the new rail alignment, and not public roads.
  • we reduced truck movements on local roads as trucks did not need to travel back and forth from a quarry.

Our crushed rock was also placed underneath the new rail line. This was an efficient use of resources, as we didn’t have to order new material from a quarry.

We’re also using the crushed rock in other locations along the Mernda rail alignment, including for haul roads, and along the combined services route (CSR) – the power, signalling and communications cables that run along the rail line.

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