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Mentone’s School Reference Group

11 Jun 2019

Schools are a big part of the Mentone community. There are eight schools near Mentone Station that have almost 8000 students combined. More than 6,000 students use the station every day.

Mentone has one of the highest concentrations of schools around a major transport hub in Melbourne. Given the potential impact level crossing works could have on so many students and parents, we have set up a dedicated schools reference group. This is the first time in Melbourne a schools reference group has been established for a level crossing removal, because we feel it is important for this area.

There was a lot of excitement for the first meeting last week. We gathered representatives from all the local schools, including Principals, administrators and parents. They spoke about key issues to be tackled before the start of major works in mid 2020.

The group will meet regularly in the lead up to and during construction, helping us to minimise disruption to students and parents from the works.

School kids leaving Mentone Station

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