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Making tracks in Reservoir

12 Dec 2019

It was a busy weekend in Reservoir, with plenty of track work happening to get ready for trains to run on the rail bridge from Monday 16 December.

After removing a lot of the old tracks and rail infrastructure below the bridge last week, on the weekend we focused on tamping and stressing the new tracks.


Tamping ensures the new tracks have a stable foundation to give passengers a smooth ride. A tamping machine achieves this by travelling along the rail line and compacting the rocks beneath the tracks. You can learn more about the tamping process in the video below.

Visual transcript for the Tamping video.

Stressing the tracks

An essential part of getting new tracks ready for trains is making sure they can withstand all weather conditions. The team puts hydraulic stress on the tracks to prepare the new steel for both cold and hot weather.

One week from today, trains will be running on these newly installed tracks.

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