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Major works underway in Cheltenham and Mentone

11 Dec 2019

Major works have kicked off in Cheltenham and Mentone, with three dangerous and congested level crossings at Balcombe Road in Mentone and Charman and Park roads in Cheltenham set to be removed by late 2020.

This year we have upgraded and relocated underground services including telecommunications, gas, water, power and sewerage. We also installed more than three kilometres of modern rail signalling to improve train services along the Frankston line.

We began piling works in November this year. This strengthens the ground in preparation for excavation of the rail trench in mid 2020. We’ve drilled over 140 piles in Cheltenham and 100 in Mentone so far, with more than 2000 piles to be installed before major excavation can start.

During January and February 2020 there will be temporary closures of Park and Charman roads and lane closures on Balcombe Road. We will also close sections of the Frankston line between Sunday 2 February to Sunday 16 February 2020, as well as a two-month rail closure in mid 2020.

During this time, we will finish piling works and underground service relocations near the level crossings.

In early to mid 2020, we will close Cheltenham and Mentone stations and begin construction of the new stations. There will be a major construction blitz to excavate the rail trenches and reconstruct the roads over the rail line.

At Cheltenham, we will connect the third track to the main line which means we can run more trains more often.

Both stations will be open by late 2020, with the Mentone project complete by early 2021 and Cheltenham by mid 2021.

Cheltenham and Mentone will be transformed with modern stations, new community open spaces and more than three kilometres of walking and cycling paths connecting the two station precincts.

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Piling works at Charman Road, Cheltenham

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