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Major construction begins at Burke Road

14 Jul 2015

Major works are now underway at the Burke Road level crossing, the first of 50 dangerous and congested crossings that will be removed by the Government.

The Burke Road level crossing is one of Victoria's worst, with boom gates down for more than 40 minutes during the two-hour morning peak. More than 26,000 vehicles and 150 trains use the crossing every day, and it is one of only four main arterial roads in Melbourne where trams cross the railway lines.

The first work to be undertaken is the demolition of the Gardiner Station car park. Over the next 12 months, the rail line will be lowered under Burke Road, and Gardiner Station will be rebuilt with access down to platforms below street level.

The new station will be safer, more accessible and more user-friendly than the old station, and a new tram super-stop will be built near the entrance, making it easier to transfer between trains and trams.

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