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Kilmore to Frankston - U-trough journey designed for minimum disruption


The Level Crossing Removal Authority will transit the first delivery of the U-beam troughs in two parts to trial the timing of the planned route.

The first of 24 concrete u-trough beams will begin their 146 kilometre journey south tonight. Travelling by transporter from Kilmore, where they were constructed, to Frankston to form the new rail bridge for removal of the Skye/Overton Road level crossing.

The first beam movement will involve parking the beam and trailer on the side of the Eastern Freeway Bulleen, east of the Thompsons Road entry, until the following night, when it will continue its journey.

This trial will be in place for the first beam movement only and will allow the project team to assess and refine the planned route for future movements if necessary.

The Eastern Freeway stopover has been identified as a safe location to temporarily park the beam, while also minimising disruption to passing traffic and the community in the north east of Melbourne.

While the beam and trailer are temporarily stored on the side of the road, speed restrictions may be in place to ensure the safety of drivers.

Traffic management will be in place along the route. View our interactive map.

The 24 u-troughs will be joined together as a twin 400 metre-long rail bridges, a key part in removal of the crossing. The installation of these u-troughs in a live rail environment is believed to be a world first.

The other loads are scheduled to leave in the evening and arrive early the next morning to avoid peak-hour traffic on major roads.  Traffic management will assist at all times along the carefully planned route, which has been calculated as the safest and most efficient way to transport the 31-metre-long beams.

Weighing 280 tonnes and measuring 31 metres in length, a special truck and trailer over 72 metres long will be assisted by a traffic management and support team as they transport the u-troughs over 24 nights. Due to their size and weight, each u-trough transporter will travel at about 20 kilometres per hour.

Leaving Kilmore early evening to avoid congestion, each beam will arrive at Skye/Overton Road, Frankston the following morning. Each u-trough will be delivered, one each night, to a schedule that ends in May.

Working closely with VicRoads and other key transport stakeholders, the Level Crossing Removal Authority has identified a route capable of handling the loads. This route includes the Hume Freeway, Metropolitan Ring Road, Greensborough Highway, Eastern Freeway, Eastlink and Peninsula Freeway. Due to the staggered delivery schedule, the Level Crossing Removal Authority will continue to advise of specific dates to help ensure safe delivery and minimum disruptions.

Upon arrival on-site at Skye/Overton Road, some of the first u-troughs will be lifted into place at night, allowing trains to continue to run. The remaining u-troughs will be lifted into position while buses replace trains between sections of the Frankston and Stony Point lines from 4 May until 17 June. Safety measures and rail infrastructure will then be installed on the new bridge, separating the train line from Skye/Overton Road. From 18 June, trains will return to service, running over the new rail bridge for the first time.

For more information about the u-trough transportation route or the road and rail disruptions at Skye/Overton Road during this time, visit our disruptions page.

For more information about the Skye/Overton level crossing removal project, visit the project page.

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