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Incorporating heritage in the new Moreland and Coburg station designs

09 Oct 2020

As works are underway to build new stations at Moreland and Coburg, the construction team is also working hard to preserve and restore the heritage listed Moreland and Coburg station buildings.

Additionally, the project team has been able to reflect key elements of the old stations, such as colour and texture, in the new station designs.

Moreland's heritage station prior to construction starting.

Moreland Station heritage listed building

Moreland Station

The colour palette at the new Moreland Station façade reflects the charcoal colour of the original slate roof and the red brick of the station building.

Panelling works underway on the new Moreland Station.

If you look closely at the heritage building, you will see it has a Flemish bond brick work.

This long, short, long, short brick pattern is also represented in the new station’s façade.

Coburg Station

Coburg's heritage station.

Coburg Station heritage listed building

The new Coburg Station incorporates heritage design elements from the original station building as well as other heritage-listed items along the Upfield rail corridor.

The off-white coloured panels on the new station building reflect the paint colours traditionally used around the windows, doors, and eaves on Upfield line heritage stations (Coburg, Moreland, Brunswick and Jewell stations), and signal huts, such as the Brunswick Road signal hut.

Works underway on the new Coburg Station.

The new Coburg Station facade

The heritage listed station buildings had flat and non-patterned strips around the windows, which is reflected in the windows, arches and base of the panels in the new design.

You can also see patterned strips along the top of the new panels which reflect the patterns in the eaves of the heritage buildings.

Both Moreland and Coburg heritage listed station buildings are being retained and incorporated in the new station precincts.

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