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Hallam Road level crossing design announced

30 Sep 2019

The dangerous and congested Hallam Road level crossing will be removed by building a rail bridge over the road and building a new Hallam Station.

More than 20,000 vehicles travel through the level crossing each day and the boom gates are down for more than a third of the two-hour morning peak. Delays will increase over time as more trains run on the Pakenham line in the future.

With Hallam Road providing a key connection to the South Gippsland and Princes highways, removing the level crossing will reduce travel times between Cranbourne, Spring Square and Hampton Park Town Centre.

The project will also deliver a new elevated Hallam Station, with modern facilities and improved pedestrian and cycling connections around the station precinct.

Extensive site investigations and engineering assessments have found the rail bridge design is the best way to remove the level crossing.

The rail bridge design minimises disruption to road and rail users and enables the final section of Hallam Road to be duplicated in future.

Other designs were ruled out due to a high-water table, an increased flood risk and impacts to the Hallam Main Drain. Alternatives would also take a year longer to construct, require compulsory acquisition of businesses, and have permanent impacts to the station’s car park and bus stops.

Early works are expected to start in 2020, with the project to be complete by 2022.

See below for the Hallam Road level crossing designs.

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