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From little things, big things grow

11 Dec 2018

As part of the Caulfield to Dandenong Project, the team has come up with an innovative way to re-vegetate the land around the elevated rail.

Back in 2016, we heard from the community about the importance of maintaining native vegetation and greenery in the rail corridor. Rather than simply replacing the trees, we decided to find a way to link new landscaping to the area in a special way.

We worked with Habitat Management Services to collect seeds along the rail corridor from the seven varieties of native trees, including beautiful river red gums.

These seeds were grown into over 1,300 seedlings at three nurseries, including the social enterprise Yarra View Nursery, which provides employment for people with special needs.

This year our landscapers used the seedlings to re-vegetate the new open space. We also provided saplings to the City of Greater Dandenong, the City of Glen Eira, Noble Park English Language School, Glen Eira College, Malvern Valley Primary School and Chandler Park Primary School.

While these trees are only small for now, we hope that they will grow to become a legacy for the community to enjoy for many generations to come.

Plant at Yarra View Nursery

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