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Frankston Station – Car parking returns

26 Oct 2018

With the new Frankston Station now complete, 170 car spaces in and around the station precinct that were in use by the construction team, will be returned to the community from 1 November.

The 120 car spaces in the station car park on Fletcher Road, used to house site offices during construction, will be returned to provide free, all day use for train commuters.

An additional 50 car spaces at 122 Young Street, previously used by the construction team, will also be returned to all day paid parking.

During construction of the new station, free off-set parking was provided at the following locations:

  • Playne Street car park, on the corner of Playne, Young and Davey Streets and
  • Mechanics Institute car park, on the corner of Bay Street and Plowman Place.

With the return of the car spaces used by the project, the above car parks will revert to their original paid parking conditions. Please refer to signage at these locations for parking conditions.

Thank you to the community and commuters for your patience as we built the new Frankston Station.

The exterior of Frankston Station

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