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Do you want to get involved with the level crossing removal projects in Cheltenham or Mentone?

28 May 2018

The Level Crossing Removal Authority is seeking passionate community members to be part of the Community Reference Groups (CRG) and Trader Reference Groups (TRG) we are establishing for the level crossing removal projects in Cheltenham and Mentone.

These groups will help ensure that locals affected by the projects have the opportunity to participate in their development, and provide a local perspective on any project-related issues, particularly in relation to minimising disruption. The groups will also provide input into the development and delivery of the projects.

Membership of the CRG and TRG in Cheltenham and Mentone will be community members who represent the views and interests of residents, traders and community organisations.

To nominate, please complete the relevant nomination form on our engagement hub.

Contact us on 1800 105 105 to request a paper copy of the form.

Nominations close on Tuesday 19 June 2018.

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