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We're removing 10 more level crossings by 2025, bringing the total to 85 level crossings gone for good.

The countdown is on – getting ready for the Upfield line construction blitz

17 Jul 2020

Victoria’s biggest ever level crossing construction blitz will begin in two weeks, with an intensive 24/7 construction program to remove four level crossings on the Upfield line in just over three months.

Between 28 July and 15 November, the construction team will work around the clock to remove level crossings at Bell Street, Munro Street, Reynard Street and Moreland Road and build new stations at Coburg and Moreland.

The intensive works will proceed in accordance with strict safety measures to keep workers and the community safe, supporting jobs and the construction industry through the coronavirus pandemic.

In preparation for the works, the first pieces of the new elevated rail bridge have arrived with huge concrete beams, known as L-beams, being trucked to Coburg and Brunswick from local manufacturers across Victoria.

The beams will be joined to form the 2.5 kilometre rail bridge that trains will travel on by the end of the year, removing four level crossings for good.

The team will use a total of 268 L-beams on the project, with each beam weighing around 110 tonnes and measuring up to 32 metres in length. Local manufacturers Humes, Westkon and NVC Precast will supply these concrete bridge segments. Other concrete components including 53 crossheads and 49 precast piers will be supplied by a number of other Victorian precast concrete suppliers.

In an industry first for a project of this scale, the team will use two custom-built 90-tonne gantry cranes that arrived on site recently after being shipped from the US. These huge gantry cranes have rubber tyres and will help the crew to manoeuvre and install the concrete segments in the narrow rail corridor.

At the peak of construction, these two cranes will be installing up to 14 massive bridge beams a day – getting the job done months faster than would otherwise be possible.

Train services on the Upfield line will be disrupted while the works are completed but trains will continue to run between Anstey and the City throughout most of the construction thanks to a new train turnback being built at Anstey Station, minimising disruptions for around two thirds of the commuters on the Upfield line.

For passengers further along the Upfield line replacement buses will operate throughout the construction period. Visit the PTV website to plan your journey.

The four level crossings on the Upfield line will be gone by the end of the year and the open space ready for locals to enjoy in 2021.

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