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We're removing 10 more level crossings by 2025, bringing the total to 85 level crossings gone for good.

Contract signed for Bell to Moreland level crossing removal

28 Oct 2019

Work to remove the level crossings at Bell, Munro and Reynard streets in Coburg, and Moreland Road in Brunswick will ramp up with the contract now signed.

The project will also see two new modern stations built at Coburg and Moreland and almost two MCGs' worth of open space created along 2.5 kilometres of the Upfield line, with three times more trees to be planted along the corridor.

At Moreland Station, a new bigger and better Moreland Station Reserve will link both sides of the precinct and will feature barbecues, a nature playground, extensive planting and landscaped gardens.

The $542.4 million contract was awarded to an alliance of John Holland Group, Kellogg Brown and Root and Metro Trains Melbourne. This Alliance has already removed the level crossings at Camp Rd, Skye/Overton Road and Buckley Street, as well as building the new Frankston Station. They are currently removing the level crossing at High Street in Reservoir and building the new Reservoir Station.

Investigative works and service relocations will now ramp up in preparation for major construction next year. The level crossings will be gone in late 2020 and the open space ready for locals to enjoy in 2021.

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