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Community consultation creates safer crossing

15 May 2019

The Toorak Road level crossing removal team has received feedback from residents and commuters following the February announcement that the dangerous and congested level crossing at Toorak Road, Kooyong will be removed by building a rail bridge.

The project has listened to the community and developed a new solution for pedestrians and cyclists crossing Toorak Road.

The changes will improve safety for all road users, achieving one of the main aims of the Level Crossing Removal Project.

The new design involves adding traffic lights next to a realigned Talbot Crescent on the west side of the new rail bridge.

These lights will synchronise with the traffic lights at the Monash Freeway to ensure traffic continues flowing through the area, while providing short breaks in traffic. These breaks will allow safe passage for pedestrians and cyclists, and for traffic entering Toorak Road from nearby side streets.

The crossing will separate cyclists and pedestrians and allow cyclists to cross Toorak Road without dismounting.

The pedestrian and cycling crossing is just one element of the project design that community feedback is shaping. We are also seeking your feedback on how you want the new open space, landscaping and rail bridge to look.

You can complete the survey at Your Level Crossing.

For more information on the Toorak Road level crossing removal, including the upcoming community information sessions, visit the Toorak Road project page.

Toorak Road render

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