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Cheltenham roads open as construction continues

12 Jun 2020

Park and Charman roads in Cheltenham are now open to traffic as the winter construction blitz continues below ground. Motorists and pedestrians can safely use the rebuilt and boom gate-free roads to safely get around their community.

Teams removed the dreaded boom gates three weeks ago and have worked around the clock to excavate more than 200,000 cubic metres of soil – that’s more than 74 Olympic sized swimming pools – between Cheltenham and Mentone.

At Cheltenham, 24 ‘Super T’ beams have been lifted in place by a 750 tonne crane to create the new Cheltenham Station concourse. With excavation now complete, we will reinforce the trench walls with more than 4000 cubic metres of concrete and start laying the new rail tracks and signalling infrastructure.

The boom gates at Cheltenham could be down for up to 48 minutes in the morning peak – causing delays and frustration for the 22,000 vehicles that travelled through these crossings each day. Without these delays, travelling around the area is now easier and safer for the local community.

Further down the Frankston line at Mentone, station platforms have been installed and beams lifted into place for the new heritage deck over the rail line. While Balcombe Road is closed, you can safely watch the works at our pop-up viewing area on the pedestrian detour path on Como Parade West. You can also watch the works progress on the footpath for Park and Charman roads. We ask that you maintain the appropriate social distance if you do come down to check out the works.

Trains will be back up and running on Monday 27 July. The new Mentone Station will open on Monday 3 August, with the new Cheltenham Station opening on Monday 17 August.

Finishing touches on both stations and landscaping will continue until the end of the year. Car parking and works on the new 3.5km pedestrian and cycle path between Cheltenham and Mentone will continue until early 2021.

Traffic flowing across the newly opened Park Road.

Park Road, Cheltenham

Charman Road reopened to vehicles.

Charman Road, Cheltenham

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