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Cheltenham and Mentone level crossing removals are go

12 Mar 2019

Three sets of boom gates – at Park Road and Charman Road in Cheltenham and Balcombe Road in Mentone – will be gone for good by late 2020.

Each day, 38,000 vehicles use these crossings – getting rid of them will make it easier and safer to get around the local area.

Balcombe Road, Mentone

Initial works to remove the dangerous and congested level crossing at Balcombe Road, Mentone are underway, with major works to begin mid 2019.

In mid 2020, a two-month construction blitz will dig trenches, build the new rail line and remove all three crossings, minimising disruption for commuters.

The suburbs are going to have a busy year with two new stations being built as part of the project. The new stations will include open spaces, landscaping and direct connections across the rail lines through to shopping precincts.

The much-loved Mentone Station gardens will be upgraded, with the five heritage-listed trees protected in their current spots during construction.

The heritage station buildings will be refurbished while we work on the new Mentone Station. The new station will be 150 metres south, meaning the platforms will be closer to ground level and the rail trench shorter.

Charman and Park roads, Cheltenham

At Cheltenham the new station will have a plaza connecting Cheltenham Park with the shopping area. The existing palm trees will be returned to the station precinct when construction is complete.

The third rail line, currently a dead-end, into Cheltenham Station will be connected. This will allow for more trains, more often on the Frankston line once the Metro Tunnel is open.

Connecting communities

The project will include over three kilometres of walking and cycling paths connecting the stations. It will also include landscaping, and improved lighting and accessibility, new community spaces, car parking, and potential residential and retail development.

Project timeline

  • March 2019: updated designs announced
  • April 2019: Site set up and enabling works
  • Mid 2019: Main construction begins
  • Mid 2020: Rail line closes for two months
  • Late 2020: New Mentone and Cheltenham stations open
  • Early 2021: Mentone project complete
  • Mid 2021: Cheltenham project complete

You can also check out our Cheltenham and Mentone video.

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