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We're removing 10 more level crossings by 2025, bringing the total to 85 level crossings gone for good.


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Carrum to be revitalised as part of level crossing removal project

06 Mar 2017

A massive plan to revitalise Carrum was revealed today. It includes a complete reconfiguration of the local road network including Station Street extending over the Patterson River, closing the level crossings at Station Street, Eel Race Road, and Mascot Avenue, and removing the ugly train stabling and replacing it with a new Carrum village built around a modern new station.

McLeod Road – the main arterial – will be extended to the Nepean Highway with a level crossing-free road intersection, a short modern rail bridge and brand new Carrum station.

After extensive consultation, and exhaustive technical investigations, it was determined that a rail trench was not feasible due to the proximity of the project to the Patterson River.

This massive reconfiguration of the road and rail network will safely separate trains from traffic, reduce congestion and improve access to houses, shops and the bay.

The revitalisation provide opportunities for more parking, parkland and bike paths, as well as new community facilities, better access to the foreshore and a range of other improvements that will be determined in consultation with locals.

The existing train stabling yard at Carrum will be moved to a new, purpose built facility in Kananook with more space for the extra trains that will run on the Frankston line because of the Metro Tunnel.

Building the new stabling facility will require the acquisition of seven commercial properties in Kananook. LXRA will continue to work closely with all affected businesses, to assist them through the acquisition process and help them find alternative premises. No houses will be acquired.

Find out more about the project.

View the government media release.

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