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Bye bye big green crane


Locals in Rosanna would have struggled to miss the bright green crane hard at work installing the rail bridge over Lower Plenty Road. The crane itself weighed a hefty 968 tonnes and was mobilised to Rosanna on 38 trucks. It is now being dismantled and will take three days to move offsite.

Some facts and general information about this rather impressive crane:

  • The crane is a Liebherr LR1750 - 750 tonne Crawler Crane.
  • It is manufactured in Ehingen, Germany.
  • The crane is capable of lifting 750 tonne, although its heaviest lift on the Rosanna Project was 174 tonne.
  • A cranes capacity is proportional to its lift radius, so the 174 tonne at 38 metre radius was still a significant lift for this crane.
  • The crane takes around 2 to 3 days to build, and requires a 130 tonne crane to assist.
  • The crane was rigged with 56 metres of boom and 31.5 metre derrick (pivoting arm), enabling the crane to suspend additional counterweight to increase capacity.
  • Prior to Rosanna the crane was installing wind turbines to a height of 117 metres, with a 133 metre boom length.
  • The crane, is one of only two units in Australia; and is one of the largest cranes owned locally in Australia.

Green crane in Rosanna

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