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Boom gates go at Evans Road, Lyndhurst

02 Dec 2019

Major works are underway to remove the level crossing at Evans Road, Lyndhurst, with the boom gates now gone to make way for construction of the new road bridge.

The project reached an exciting milestone with workers removing the boom gates and alarms from the level crossing, making it the first set of boom gates to go of the additional 25 crossings announced in 2018.

The Evans Road level crossing is being removed by building a road bridge over the rail line, allowing the road to reopen to traffic since it closed in 2005 due to safety concerns.

To date, the project has opened a temporary shared use path to safely divert pedestrians and cyclists during construction, relocated underground services, bore piled and removed the road surface south of the rail line to prepare the area for the new road bridge structure.

When Evans Road reopens in 2020, it will reconnect the communities of Lyndhurst, Lynbrook and Cranbourne West and make it up to four times faster to cross the rail to get to the South Gippsland Highway.

The Evans Road Level Crossing Removal Project is part of a massive $1 billion upgrade to make the Cranbourne line level crossing-free and is one of 75 crossings to be removed by 2025.

Workers removing the boom gate at Evans Road

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