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Abbotts Road bids boom gates farewell

30 Aug 2018

Road and rail will soon be seamlessly separated at another dangerous level crossing following the removal of boom gates at Abbotts Road in Dandenong South.

In the first full day of the 10-day rail shutdown between Dandenong and Cranbourne, crews safely dismantled the level crossing infrastructure on Wednesday 29 August which has been made redundant by the new single-track rail bridge rising over Abbotts Road.

Located in a largely industrial area and just off the busy South Gippsland Highway, the Abbotts Road level crossing hosts around 22,000 vehicles – including a high number of trucks – each weekday.

No more boom gates mean no more frustrating boom gate delays for these vehicles, while the clear safety benefits of separating road and rail ensures no more serious collisions or near misses involving trains at this location.

In 2012, the risk that exists at all level crossings became reality when a truck and a train collided at the Abbotts Road level crossing, resulting in a train passenger fatality and several injuries.

This incident was one of five collisions or near misses reported at this level crossing over the past decade, with each level crossing removed leading to safer, more reliable road and rail networks.

During the temporary rail closure, workers will put the finishing touches on the 410-metre-long bridge including connecting new track, removing the redundant ground-level track and repositioning overhead lines.

Train services between Dandenong and Cranbourne are set to resume as normal on the morning of Saturday 8 September, when Abbotts Road will officially become the 27th level crossing to be removed by the Level Crossing Removal Authority.

Boom gate removal at Abbotts Road

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