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Imagine you’re 10, your father left when you were a baby, your mother passed away when you were five and you’ve been raised by your grandmother. You’re about to flee your war-torn country to Egypt and embark on a journey that will change your life forever.

For one of our newest recruits, Lizzy Kuoth, this was the start of a three-year journey to reach Australia – a risk her grandmother took to give her family a better, safer life.

When Lizzy arrived in Australia in 2005, she was shy, didn’t speak English and felt isolated.

Fast-forward 14 years, she is now an Inclusion Capability Officer at LXRP and is studying business economics at Swinburne University.

Lizzy’s worked hard to overcome her challenges and is now a dedicated advocate for refugees and women. She was the recipient of the Empowering Monash Women Award in 2012, is a member of the Multicultural Advisory Committee Monash, Refugee Communities Advocacy Network and was a Youth Advocate for the South Sudanese Association Victoria.

She credits her drive to her grandmother. “My grandmother always stressed the importance of education and a love for learning and self-truth. She taught me to navigate life with courage and love, and to make the most of every opportunity,” Lizzy says.

Coming to Australia from a crisis situation, Lizzy’s inspiring optimism, resilience, and strong work ethic are fuelled by her desire to belong, contribute and create a successful pathway for herself and her family.

For Lizzy, cultural diversity means “yummy food, lots of laughter, enjoying a life of freedom and being able to connect with kind, open-minded, curious people who add value to life – all this while still remembering the traditions and culture of my country”.

Lizzy’s advice to other young people? “Don’t sit on the sidelines. Get involved, share your ideas, join a group, and know your voice is important.

"Say yes to opportunities. A can-do attitude will lead to reaching your potential.”

Lizzy Kuoth

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