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We're removing 10 more level crossings by 2025, bringing the total to 85 level crossings gone for good.

LXRA is working in partnership with employment agencies like Zancott Recruitment to further strengthen the profile of Aboriginal employees in our workforce. One of these employees is our Western Program Alliance (WPA) Health, Safety and Environmental Administration Officer, Katie Miller.

Growing up in New South Wales, Katie’s journey to LXRA has taken her across the country, when at 19 years of age she “…packed a duffel bag and pillow and went walkabout…” to regional Western Australia.

After spending six years in Kalgoorlie and time working in local and state government, recruitment, real estate and childcare, Katie’s goal to work in the construction sector – sparked by her father’s work in the industry – never wavered.

“My family line on my father’s side all worked in the construction industry since they were young, so there was always a lot of construction talk around the dinner table growing up,” Katie said.

“A big part of my childhood was spent around plants and machinery, and it was this time spent with my father on site, exploring different things, that sparked my interest in the industry and drove my passion to work in construction.”

One of the big challenges currently facing the Aboriginal employment sector is the misconception that Indigenous employment programs focus solely on blue collar jobs. However, through initiatives like LXRA’s Aboriginal Inclusion Action Plan we are working to address these misconceptions and change the conversation.

Bradley Giddins, Director Industry, Capability and Inclusion at LXRA, said: “Through investment in programs like GROW, Training for the Future and GEN44, LXRA is driving positive and sustainable change in recruitment for Aboriginal professionals. “We’re challenging common paradigms to secure roles for Aboriginal people like Katie in the delivery of Victoria’s infrastructure projects.”

“I really enjoy my job and the team I work with at the WPA,” Katie said. “Working in health and safety, most of my time at work is focussed on safety. As well as administration work, I work with the team to report on weekly statistics for KPIs, hazard identification and site inspections at Kororoit Creek Road.

“We’re a blended team at WPA. Although we’ve come together from different workplaces, organisations and career pathways, there is a strong sense of unity, and working together and being part of the team that is delivering a project like this is really rewarding.”

Find out more about LXRA’s investment in the economic participation of Aboriginal people, businesses and communities in the Aboriginal Inclusion Action Plan.

Kate Miller working on site at the Kororoit Creek Road project

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