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We're removing 10 more level crossings by 2025, bringing the total to 85 level crossings gone for good.

Preston Station – access and precinct changes

There will be access changes around Preston Station from until late-2022 to allow for level crossing removal works.

There will also be car parking closures in the Preston Station precinct.

See below for more information on:

Preston Station access changes

The customer service office, toilets and Protective Service Officer (PSO) pod have been relocated to the western side of the station (access via Murray Road) until late 2022.

Trains continue to operate from the station platforms, except during planned or unplanned disruptions.

Passengers can access the platforms  via Murray Road (no access via Cramer Street).

A pedestrian detour is in place via St Georges Road.

Parkiteer closure

The Parkiteer cage is closed and bicycle hoops are available near the customer service office.

A Parkiteer cage is available at Reservior Station for cyclists who want to secure their bike.

See map below for station changes.

Map of access and precinct changes

Map of access and precinct changes at Preston Station

Register your myki

It’s more important than ever to register your myki to help with contact tracing.

You can easily register at ptv.vic.gov.au, via the PTV app or over the phone (1800 800 007).

Don’t forget to touch on each time you travel.

Man wearing mask with phone. Register your myki to help with contact tracing.

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