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Large U-trough beams - Travelling from Kilmore to Frankston

During April and May 2018, 24 U-trough beams, each 31 metres long and weighing 280 tonnes, will be transported from Kilmore to Frankston to build new twin rail bridges.

The 24 concrete U-trough beams are travelling by transporter from Kilmore, where they were constructed, to Frankston for removal of the Skye/Overton Road level crossing.

The first beam arrived successfully in Kilmore on Sunday night.

The second beam will leave on Wednesday evening with stopover in Bridge Street, Bulleen selected to minimise disruption to passing traffic and maximise community safety.

While the beam and trailer are temporarily stored in Bridge St until Thursday evening, diversions and detours will ensure the safety of drivers. Traffic management will be conducted on Bridge Street, Manningham Road and Templestowe Road.

Traffic management will be in place along the route of the U-trough journey.  Visit our interactive map for more information.

Read the full story here.

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