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We're removing 10 more level crossings by 2025, bringing the total to 85 level crossings gone for good.

This Aboriginal Engagement Resource aims to provide Victoria’s transport infrastructure industry with the information they need to effectively include Aboriginal Victorians, Aboriginal businesses and Aboriginal culture.

Our hope is that the resource is used by agencies and businesses to prepare for Aboriginal inclusion and to support and celebrate Aboriginal people, business and culture.

This resource was created under the Victorian Government’s Training for the Future (TFTF) program.

It was co-designed with the Training for the Future's Social Procurement Innovators Network SPIN, which brings together industry leaders and is led by Social Traders with Supply Nation and Kinaway Chamber of Commerce. We thank SPIN for their invaluable support and contribution.

This resource is for the businesses, contractors, companies and government agencies working in Victoria’s transport and infrastructure industry. It aims to equip industry with the resources to effectively and safely:

  • involve Victoria’s first people when designing and delivering projects or operating services;
  • procure from Victorian Aboriginal businesses;
  • attract and retain Victorian Aboriginal employers and trainees; and
  • create unique projects and run modern services by incorporating Aboriginal culture.

The resource contains content relevant to people working in planning, engineering, design, communications, procurement, human resources, people management, project management as well as other fields.

View the Training for the Future Aboriginal Engagement Resource PDF, 14.0 MB

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